从小学生到挂科狗 - From Man to Scientific Dog

No. 1 High School of ChangDe Had spent 3 year since Sept. 2010, Yangyao were guided by Yang, Huang & Cheng to the world of Physics, knowning the fascinating language of Calculus and being ready to dive into the study of theoretical Physics.
Wuhan University Yangyao spent four year since 2013 in WHU for his bachelor's degree. In the third year, the Differential Manifold & General Relativity lecture by Jia attracted Yangyao to Astronomy. Go and see the Sakura at WHU.
Tsinghua University Yangyao began his new journey in Tsinghua since Fall, 2017 as a PhD candidate supervised by Cheng Li. Just before entering into Tsinghua, several chapters of GFE written by Mo gave Yangyao the first feeling of how a galaxy looks like. See the VR of Tsinghua campus. In June, 2022, Yangyao graduated from the Department of Astronomy of Tsinghua and got his PhD degree.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Yangyao visited UMass during Oct. 2019 and Oct. 2021 as a research scholar. He began to design a dark matter halo based semi-analytical model for Galaxy Formation, preparing for the in-coming surveys.
University of Science and Technology of China Yangyao got his first job as a postdoctoral researcher in USTC, working with Huiyuan Wang and Houjun Mo on the field reconstruction project, ELUCID, and the galaxy formation model, MAHGIC.

从技术到科学 - From Technology to Science

Computer Science Yangyao's CS experience started at 2006 in the first try of Wolfram Mathematica, an excellent mathematical calculator. Since 2017, he has been paying much of his efforts on algorithms, computer architectures and operating systems, to get a better understanding of how to simulate astronmical system efficiently. (image: COD-RiscV)
Web Development Since 2019, Yangyao began learning HTML/CSS/JS/PHP & MySQL RDBMS. This site is implemented by himself and purely based on Django framework at the back-end.
Math & Statistics Since 2015, Yangyao began learning basic statistics & statistical physics. Since 2018, he began learning modern statistical learning approaches. Yangyao believes that statistics is the most important tool in the understanding of nature. (image: PRML)
Astronomy Since 2016, Yangyao fell in love with Astronomy at the first lecture of topology and differential manifold. Now, he is focusing on Galaxy formation & evolution. (image: NGC-2237 HST / NASA)

从贫穷到更加贫穷 - From Poor to Poorer

Running Yangyao loves running and he is a R10 runner in Keep. He runs every afternoon, fixed 9 km currently. Add his Keep and run together.
Photography Yangyao likes taking photos of people, sceneries in the earth, the galaxy, and the Universe.
Movies Yangyao loves Marvel super heros, Interstellar & Green Book. He loves the experience of setting in the movie theater, waiting for the light off and each frame sweeping by his eyes.
Espresso Consider every day lost without a drink of Coffee! Yangyao loves all kinds of Coffee (espresso, Moka pot, hand-brewed), and enjoys the time of grinding beans by hand, watching water flowing around the granules.
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